Of daffodils and radishes and other spring crops

early daffodilsFollowing on the heels of what may have been the most glorious stretch of spring weather I have ever known in my 53 years on this planet, we now have payback as high temps hover in the mid-40s with several hard frosts served up. As I write this at 7 AM it is 35 degrees, a full nine degrees warmer than yesterday morning, and my thoughts go to the those trees whose flowers eagerly burst forth only to find themselves frozen. Are they wishing they had waited just a few weeks longer?

asparagus, victim of a hard frostLuckily both the daffodils and the radishes are impervious to the cold — as are the peas, spinach, lettuces, garlic and brassicas. The asparagus, however, is not so resilient as early arrivers felt cold’s sting and decided it was beyond bearable. Despite this setback, Phyllis managed to harvest the first asparagus spear of the season which promptly went into her omlet (along with some fresh chives and other tasty ingredients).

tomato seedlingsPeppers and tomatoes were started indoors last weekend with the tomatoes being first to emerge. It’s amazing how fecund five year old tomato seeds can be. Eggplants and peppers take a little longer but they too have started to sprout. Peppers in particular can be persnickety and we have many failures under our belt to prove it. Sweet peppers this year are Apple, Carmen, Lipstick (all Johnny’s), and Purple Beauty (Seeds of Change), one of our perennial favorites. Hot peppers are Krimzon Lee (Johnny’s), very mild but tasty, and of course the requisite Jalapeno. Nippon Taka (Johnny’s) is an ornamental thrown in just for fun.

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    The harvest will be surely enjoyed.

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