Of daffodils and radishes and other spring crops

Following on the heels of what may have been the most glorious stretch of spring weather I have ever known in my 53 years on this planet, we now have payback as high temps hover in the mid-40s with several hard frosts served up. As I write this at 7 AM it is 35 degrees, […]

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Emergent garlic, peas, spinach and lettuce

Note to readers: This post was originally authored on March 18th, 2012. The garlic is growing full tilt and I am thrilled to see over 100 healthy shoots reaching skyward. Since garlic can be somewhat pricey to purchase from seed suppliers, most of my crop is compliments of Costco, where less then $10 will buy […]

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Eager broccoli and other observations from the spring garden

It’s taken me a bit longer than usual to get into the gardening spirit this year. Pressures of work and family have left me with little time and even less energy and motivation for the other pursuits that provide a much-needed escape. I thank the earthly spirits for a mild winter which has provided a […]

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Early Arrivals

It sure has been a mild winter. This photo of emerging daffodils was taken on February 11th, 2012. I could use a few more winters like this before I die.

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How to Get Hefty Discounts on Your Seeds

Vigilant gardeners are always on the lookout for deals on seed so here a a few shopping tips. 1. Check out online sales. Catalog suppliers such as Johnny’s Seeds regularly have sales on their web sites, often at 60-80% off the original price. These are often discontinued products that didn’t make it into the current […]

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Circle of Life

Anyone who is contemplating getting into the backyard chicken movement needs to answer this inevitable question:  what are you going to do when they stop laying eggs?  The precise moment when this needs to be answered is as fixed as the tides; a hen is most productive in the first year of her life and […]

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